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The Existing scenario

Just imagine, thousands of products, laCs of unit values, clients demanding instantaneous account statement, tax calculation, brokerage calculation, capital summary, P & l accounts & lots more ... life of a Financial consultant is not easy.
A Mutual Fund Consultant ,in order to consolidate his position in the mutual fund market and must have a strategic growth plans in terms of customer base and revenue earned.
MARG made a detailed evaluation of the technology needs and proposed an information system and information technology strategy that would form the basis for developing applications for their entire range of finance operations — from portfolio creation to up-to-date statement generation support.
WMIS is unique financial planning tool which can enable a user, to manage their business efficiently with minimum time input and maximum revenue output. WMIS aimed to give following benefits to various users
For Users (Mutual Fund Financial Consultants):
* generate product-wise revenue structure & brokerage plan.
* generate their revenue status & trace the status vis-à-vis their pre-fixed targets.
* check their cost vis-à-vis revenue.
* generate employee wise, associates wise & client wise reports as per requirement
For Employees (Workers under the consultant):
* provide them complete Product Information.
* provide them complete Client Information.
* provide them complete Sales Management & Client Management tools.
* provide comprehensive portfolio information of their clients.
* provide salary + incentive information on a day to day basis.
* provide their separate user and utility id.
For Customers (Clients of the consultant):
* analyze customer's investment strength
* provide investment strategy to customer in order to maximize his revenue generation
* monitor the portfolio performance.
* provide proper tax calculations.
Daily web/e-mail based support regarding the following updates: Unit Values, Dividend Values, Benchmark Indices Values, Fund Sizes, Sector Allocations, Additions in New Schemes, Changes in Old Scheme features, Changes in Company Details, Beta, Standard Deviation, Sharp Ratio, Trenyor Ratio, Any changes in STT, Service Tax etc.
Package comes pre-loaded with a lot of necessary inputs, like scheme details, load factors, card rate of brokerages, benchmarks, historical unit values, fund size etc.
Our research team is already working on the advanced version of this software wherein we shall be including features like:
Daily short messaging system mailers informing the current NAV to investors.
Online statement sheet
Automatic updation from registrars’ transaction sheet, which would lead to an entry less application.


Accurate reporting
Most of the report areas are supported by graphical presentation.
Timely information to investors.
Counter check for registrars’ transaction statement.
More time for them, more business generation, more revenue & ultimate prosperity.
H/W and S/W environment
For Multi-user system
Software: SQL Server 2003, VB 6.0, MS Office, Windows 2000
Also available for Single-user
Software: MS Access, VB 6.0, MS Office, Windows 2000
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