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Improving the health status & quality of life, of People of Uttar Pradesh is the prime objective of Department of  Medical, Health and Family Welfare, Government of Uttar Pradesh. MIS Health, is playing a vital role to help department achieve its purpose in an efficient manner. Every aspect related to the management of Organization is covered, be it Personal details of hospital members, health related details, hospital related details or finance related details
Customer Profile
The department is involved in Service of Mankind since its very inception in 1921.. The Department initially provided its services under the name of “Provincial Subordinate Medical and Provincial Medical Services”. This department is responsible for providing  Medical, Health and Family Welfare related services to the densely populated state of Uttar Pradesh (166,05,2859) spread over a vast area of 2,40,982sq.Km.
Health related information is catered through a web based solution .All health activities are divided in four major sections
Personal Information System (PIS)
Imagine all personal and posting details of every doctor related to Health Department being maintained on web along with no. of vacancies and posts sanctioned in all hospitals at different levels and designations. Along with this joining and relieving of each doctor is done through this system. Users of Department of Medical Health with authorized rights can login to the site and check all the Personal and Posting details as well as Hospital Record, Salary Details, Joining and Relieving Details and Inspection Details through customized reports depending on the login rights.
Perfect monitoring of doctor's personal and posting details on such a vast scale through paper work manually was not possible. Records related to joining and relieving information of a doctor along with sanctioned and filled posts ,satisfying different parameters in a hospital was quite cumbersome exercise to collect. Finding no. of vacancies available and filled in a hospital as per requirement was a tedious job in manual process. Along with this generating report related to doctor's details for whole state was quite problematic and time taking task.
Highlight Points
Users can view data according to login rights i.e. one district user can view details related to its own district only.
Doctors can be relieved from one hospital and may be asked to join another hospital online, by generating important documents for this purpose.
This system can generate customized reports according the Organizational need.
Complete analysis of various hospitals related and doctor related details can be done online.
Statistical analysis of the data for decision support/intervention.
Well defined user categories and their roles in the system.
Health Management Information System (HMIS)
HMIS is basically a Management Information System for Hospital. It’s primary objective is to help people at management level. HMIS is one of the initiatives of UPHSDP to facilitate planning and monitoring of medical and health services ,at all levels in state. We all know that there are various hierarchies in the Medical system. Needs are varying according to the hierarchies. This system is capable to fulfill all the demands made, by the medical system in the form of information.
HMIS contains eight modules to fulfill all the requirements of the medical department comprising of Institutional Infrastructure, Hospital Activity, Disease Surveillance, Family Welfare, National Program, Drug Inventory, Vital Statistics and Health Camps This system takes raw data from the hospital and then generates the information after mining the data
All the information is on fingertips.
Automatic alert system for deadlines like arrival, departure of transferee, their contract end date etc.
Invoice management and tracking tool.
Lease tracking tool to manage each contract, items and sales profit.
Expense management system to track each expense.
Customer login for their view on activities and status.
At the block level, there are different types of institutions: CHCs, upgraded PHCs, and block PHCs. These institutions are mini hospitals and cover the population of 80,000 to 1, 20,000. And there are various levels of information flow in the system. Here complexity is involved, because ,there is a bulk of raw data in the hospitals. Manual compilation and information generation is very tough and is further restricted due to time lines
Highlight Points
This system can generate the customized reports.
This system can generate the customized reports according the need.
Monthly, quarterly, yearly, reports at all levels ,for planning and monitoring different activities/programs.
Statistical analysis of the data for decision support/intervention at all levels.
Well defined user categories and their roles in the system.
This solution has been developed on high technology, facilitating users running critical operations with ease ,like pulling up crystal reports with use of simple yet relevant buttons.
Hospital Management System
HMS manages all activities of the hospital which are related to Registration of the Patients, Drug Inventory, Medical test results and Information of IPD/OPD etc. This is the primary unit for other systems. This system forms the base for HMIS.
It is a cumbersome task to contain all the activities manually which are related to management of the hospital. Manually patient’s registration takes a lot of time and is not good enough in solving registration related problems. Similarly, manual process is very tidious to contain information of drug, managing lab result and information of IPD/OPD etc. A lot of paper work is involved in collecting relevant information
Highlight Points
HMS is a computerized system saving much time and producing results faster.
It generates report of patient's registered per day.
This is the primary system to collect the information according to various parameters (e.g. Age group, Patient Category and Disease etc.)
This system produce various information’s to the management level to facilitate decision making.
Hardware /Software Details
Architecture: Three-tier client-server architecture
Users: Multi-user system
Software: SQL Server 2000 (Enterprise Edition), ASP.Net 2.0(, Crystal Report, Asp (Vbscript, Javascript)
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