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HLL envisioned need of computerization for the various domains of their day-to-day activities undertaken at their factories, for which they approached MARG.
MARG was approached to analyze the existing system and its problems, develop a solution, and assist in implementation and thereafter maintenance. MARG’s team went to the Orai factory of HLL to study and identify various areas where computerization could yield benefits. We zeroed down to following set of basic business applications..
Gate Pass Management
Work Order Management encompassing Work Permit
Engineering Inventory Record
Form 31 B, Form 3B & C
Intranet File Sharing
Incentive Scheme Management System
LAN based application to be run on intranet.
Dynamic menu creation according to the user logged in.

Visitors I Card generation.

Attendance tracker.

Shift Management.

Visitors’ in-out traffic.

Priority-wise Vehicle loading.

Demurrage charge.
Annexure maintenance.
Challan Slip generation.
Distribution of Employee token.
Work Permit Pass.
Contractor Workman Entry Slip.
Travel Agency contract management.
Location wise Summary report.
Company wise Visitor report
Weightment Register
Generating Status sheet of Work orders is tedious and often pending and halted Work orders not effectively managed as they are not brought into notice at the right time.
Internal File sharing system.
Total investment/expense made in a year
Tracking of exact status of a particular form.
Improper management of Form 3B&C and Form 31
Tracking of exact status of a particular form.
Computerization encompassed various domains with all the information of crucial importance to the management. Entry points for various modules were different. Web based application was not the favorites choice of HLL authorities. Therefore, MARG decided to set up an Intranet in the factory premises.
GatePass Management System
HLL wanted every visitor to be handed a visitor I-card generated right at the security check gate. This I-card was to bear the photograph of the visitor.
A digital camera was installed at the security check point, which captured the visitor's image and sent it to the application. Security personnel was to authorize the visitor, mark the entry time, assign a token and generate the card to be carried by the visitor. 
Application displayed number of visitors in, number of factory people out, vehicles in for unloading, vehicles waiting for loading, VIP guests, and Contractors workmen in and so on ,at every point of time.
Scheduling Vehicle loading was an important task to reduce demurrage losses.

Tracking Visitors lost (went in but didn’t turn up again in time), and Employees in out register maintenance was very much sought after as an automatic outcome of the application.

The aim behind the gate management system was to preserve the security of the production house at the gate as it had become essential for companies and organization to tighten the security system.
It was designed to prevent theft and stealing in the organization, entrance into company with false identity.
It enhanced security checking in sensitive areas, tracking movement of visitors in the organization.
It includes various forms of detail of people/ vehicle that entered and left the campus like
Visitors entry/exit
Manager entry/exit
Vehicle reporting entry/exit
contractor/workman entry/exit
Travel agency vehicle entry/exit
Intranet File Sharing
This site provided the host information and MIS Report that increased the availability of information on the factory to all users of intranet.
It was designed for document/data sharing with the help of intranet.
Intranet file sharing was provided with features that authenticated the user of the intranet site.
Document done by a user can be uploaded on the net to be broadcasted for all or for the specific user as per the security requirements.
  There are three levels of users:
Super-administrator: He was given rights to create new users, remove users, assign passwords, overwrite passwords (so as to temporarily deny access to a particular user), add/upload files, delete files, create new directories, and also view files uploaded on the site.
Administrator: There were 3 to 4 administrators, who could upload files on to the site. They could also view files on the site.
User: The user could view files on the site according to the access that was provided to him.
Engineering Inventory
Any organization big or small has inventory to keep track of. This software deals with the issuance of inventory items to a department from a particular location in store. Details related to the items, its category, sub category and transactions are kept track of, in this software.
Effective record management could be done using this suite. Searches and retrieval of information could be done efficiently because of record maintenance feature.
Highlight of the suite provided are:
Service Management
Optimized technician scheduling, managing projects, and utilizing subcontractors.
Contact Management
Comprehensive contact management, providing complete and instant knowledge of all customer information.
Inventory Control
Allows tracking of precise inventory levels and Just In Time (JIT) inventory management, staff optimization, invoice aging, customer balances, and payment tracking.
Sales and Marketing
Organized and tracked new opportunities including direct marketing, sales leads, bids and proposals.
Work Order
HLL hire services of various contractors for their different tasks in the manufacturing processes. This information is of crucial importance as it involves various outsiders coming in thus it is security issue and the monitory aspect is also involved with the timely completion of the contracts.
Wise scheduling and permit management is imperative.
We also keep track of labors coming against a particular work order.
Listing of work orders depending on their status of being approved/ disapproved, pending is easy to retrieve.
Incentive Scheme Management System
Incentive Scheme Management System consisted of two components, viz. Group Incentive & Line Incentive; the incentive earning was further characterized into –Productivity and Quality. Productivity was calculated on the basis of Capacity utilization index (CUI) using rate schedule and  quality component depending upon the quality achieved expressed as Quality Index.(QI)  Both the indices are worked out on monthly basis.
The application eased out the working and increased the overall efficiency as generating following reports became a child’s play , as per our client.
Report of Group incentive.
Report of Line incentive.
Productivity report line wise
Productivity report employee wise
Calculation of CUI,CCUI and other statistical factors
Form 3B/3C
This module elaborates on the flow of Form 3B & C from head office to branch office and against the application given by the supplier branch office issue the form 3B or C to the supplier.
This package maintains records, keeps track of all records, forms issued ,and provides various reports when needed.
Factory environment is full of machines, chemicals and clutter, with workmen ranging from highly technically qualified to absolute illiterates. Safety measures are to be carefully devised and updated from time to time. For this, HLL, Orai wanted an application which could keep track of suggestions and details of feedback forms so as to implement preventive measures and upgrade security settings.
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