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H&R Consultant is a consulting company to support foreign community in Japan ,whose main services are relocation assistance, visa/immigration assistance, furniture leasing, car leasing, driver’s license, cross culture training and 24 hour support.
To target foreign community in Japan, our client wanted a number of systems that could ease their back office operations and propel their growth in market.
Marg was involved in providing the technology and creative services and solutions to develop the portal.
Marg provided the full service ranging from conceptualization to hosting ,including requirement analysis, design and concept, development, and implementation.
We developed number of systems for them and are now providing them 24 hour services so that they can achieve their goals more efficiently. Some of them are -
This application is developed with the Gaijin community in mind who intends to relocate into Japan. The application helps individuals and corporates, make a request for a suitable home. The user can evaluate the home with reference to the facilities/convenience available in the surrounding areas and also see the home online prior to accepting the same. The application supports back office system to manage all the properties, making tours etc for clients and much more.
Searching of properties from large database
Tools for users like travel expert, Map pointer etc.
Tools for admin like making tours, content management and reports etc.
This site is the winner of the Vandena Gold Award 2000 [for demonstrating excellence in real estate services] and the Results-net Five Star award. The site is number one in all search engine rankings in its domain.
ReloTrak System
This application is complete tracking tool for relocation industry. ReloTrak system is a small ERP online system. The main modules includes –
Manage any kind of company , people and transferees
Employee Management System
Expense Management System
Lease Tracking System
Invoice Management System
Manage all the contracts, services and track them for customers.
All the information is on the fingertips.
Automatic alert system for deadlines like arrival, departure of transferee, their contract end date etc.
Invoice management and tracking tool.
Lease tracking tool to manage each contract, items and sales profit.
Expense management system to track each expense.
Customer login for their view on activities and status.
This application is developed to help foreign community to get Japanese driving license.
The system helps customer to get driving license.
System features online registration and e-commerce services.
Simulation system gives online training to the user.
Admin section manages clients, their invoices etc.
System was helpful for foreign community to get driving license in Japan.
Simulation screens made in flash are very useful tools for client.
Admin control panel to manage and track users, their activities, making them active/non active etc in timely manner.
Quick Information.
Efficient and quick reporting.
H/W and S/W environment
Backend Database: MS SQL Server 2000
Server: Microsoft IIS on Windows 2000
Programming: HTML, DHTML, ASP, Java Script, and VB Script, Ipix Players
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