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Online Learning Portal for UPTU
A state-of-the-art educational portal, is brought to you by UPDESCO in association with MARG Software Solutions on behalf of IT & Electronics Dept, Govt. of U.P.
National bank Staff College, Uttar Pradesh, India
A website of NBSC offers custom designed training programs for Banks, Financial Institutions and other agencies connected to development banking.
Uttar Pradesh State Medical Faculty & Allied Counsils
U.P. Medical Council is established under section 4 of the U.P. Medical Act III of 1917. U.P. Medical Council registered qualification recognized by Medical Council of India.
Water Corporation of Uttar Pradesh, India
The basic objective of creating this website was to provide information about this corporation, its development and regulation of water supply & sewage services and for matters connected therewith.
Cane Department, Uttar Pradesh, India
The website gives an insight of the UP government sugar factories cooperation. In-depth  knowledge of the sites where it is available, laws that are applicable, Offices, Sugar Mills, Distilleries, Transport Statistics.
Our solutions have facilitated many government offices to implement the ‘Right to Information Act’ in the most attractive and organized manner.
Corporates do their job of enterprising, while we tailor the window for them to display their idea to the world in the most impactful manner reflecting their dogma to its best.
Marg has provided innovative solutions to many educational organizations which help them put across their motto to widen the sphere of influence.
We understand our clients and employ our technical and design capability to create what they need , reinforcing their vision with their web sites
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