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MARG Software Solutions has launched a state-of-the-art educational portal for the Students, Institutions and faculties of Uttar Pradesh Technical University.
The portal has been designed, developed and implemented as a web based e-learning solution to provide a wider and a global learning platform for the students of Technical Institutions of UPTU (GBTU/MMTU).
The portal offers a range of solutions from learning materials to Question Banks, Online Tests, Latest updates, Career & employment.

Client Brief

IT & Electronics Department, Government. of U.P, is a multi disciplinary consultancy organization providing system back-up to Government, Enterprise, International organization and other non-governmental agency in diagnosing and estimating the magnitude of problems, identifying technological and other alternatives and suggesting methods of improvement.


The project was proposed to be a web based application, with a sound vision to act as a mentor to the students right from their search for the best Learning & Career Management solution to tracking their progress, getting updates on latest books available, improving upon soft skills, updates from the institutions, making new connections and apply for jobs worldwide, thus all coming their way, through an easy wizard based interface. They could interact with experts in different fields and solve their problems from anywhere at any time. The process involved upgradation of the fundamental requirements as well as cater to the needs of IT services.


e-Learning portal offers an easy to use web based solution for conducting dynamic exchanges in an online environment. It is an educational portal that eases the availability of the resources and makes learning an easy task thus saving precious time and enabling the students to focus on their own core competencies. The project envisages on the following:
Details of more than 650 Academic Institutions with details of courses offered by each
All learning materials starting from book names to their authors, e-books, notes, articles, presentations as well as sample papers have been included
Online tests and assignments have a striking feature of accessing one’s command over the subject
Advanced Learning modules on soft skills
Updates about the latest happenings and schedules from all the Institutions
Facility to create blogs and form communities to share common interests
Maintain resume and get tracked by potential recruiters


MARG Software Solutions has designed, deployed and implemented the total infrastructure covering all the intricacies and details put forth by the IT department. It provides an end to end solution ranging from the requirement study & analysis, process redesign, system architecture, technical coding/configuration and system Integration. The process guides one to become a member and follow on the benefits thereon. The new system helped in bringing clear cut transparency and accountability for all the government functions and improving efficiency and productivity from its e-learning initiatives and about its future endeavors in this field.


MARG Software Solutions has deployed a professional team which was geared up to ensure No Single Point of Failure (NSPDF) deployment of the system in high availability mode. The project includes a 2 year comprehensive onsite maintenance support from the date of successful implementation of the overall configuration.
Updations on all events and actions
All news, events, journals, e-books, assignments, articles, notes and sample papers are updated at frequent time intervals.
Data backup provided for all online tests as well as resumes.
Monitoring on regular basis and provide support on occasions of reconfiguration and/or upgradation and extensions if any.
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