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Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad Memorial Committee
Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Memorial Committee was constituted by the Govt. under the aegis of national Integration Dept. in the year 1976 with the objective of disseminating the knowledge of Urdu language and promoting the sense of national integration far and wide.
Sanskriti Vibhag, Uttar Pradesh, India
Website undertakes notification of cultural events and exhibitions and allows visitors to receive event invites and other notifications via email/sms alerts.
Export Department of Uttar Pradesh, India
The basic objective of creating this website was to provide information about this corporation, promotion of export from the state of Uttar Pradesh, organize and effect export of handicrafts/handloom and other products of Uttar Pradesh.
Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility
SAIF- CDRI provides primarily chemistry centric analytical facilities for researchers throughout India. Researchers outside India are also welcome to get their samples analyzed.
Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy, Uttar Pradesh, India
This website is designed for Academy which works for the benefit of Urdu knowing public through its scheme such as providing scholarship to deserving students
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