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The aim of MARG’s Project Management Service is to meet all contractual commitments and thereby meet and possibly exceed the customer’s expectations. MARG’s Project Management Service covers all phases from project preparation and execution through transfer to the care phase, and closure of the project. The deliverable of MARG’s Project Management Service is:
Upfront investment and professionally managed project start-up.
Highest caliber technical management.
Accurate and transparent project control and reporting.
Solid service supplier management.
Systematic project and quality management.
Project communication management with regular meetings and collaborative tools.
Health and safety management matching MARG’s guidelines and local legislation.
Project preparation and start-up
The conditions for successful project are created prior to actual deployment. Therefore MARG invests extra resources in the project preparation and start-up phases. The MARG’s project preparation phase includes the following activities:
Project manager nomination and a detailed project plan for the customer project, including complementary plans (if any).
Planning and implementation guidelines.
MARG’s resource evaluation and planning.
Contract preparation with subcontractors.
Risk management.

Project Resource Management

Handover and acceptance coordination.  This includes the interface with the customer and coordinating final deliverable handover meetings, information and document transfers. It covers the software installation and commissioning and acceptance from the customer.
Project reporting and meetings. MARG’s project team will facilitate bi-weekly (or as agreed) project meetings with the customer, where the project progress, quality, risks, changes and so on are reported to the customer.
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