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Wealth Advisor
BLISS is solely designed for Insurance agents, to augment their performance and business approach. It gives a cutting edge to its users in the form of more time for business expansion, less brain storming in lengthy calculations, maintaining all relevant data required and representing it in a user friendly reports form as and when required.
AGENT ADVISOR is a necessary asset for all LIC Agents, its efficient feature and user friendly interface, enables novice users tminimum to use it with ease and perfection.
Single page plan presentation with yield and risk cover
Voice interactive appointment scheduler.
Intimation of various dues whenever system starts, with letters & greetings.
Comparison between LIC and other insurance company.
Plan presentation & details, letters in Hindi and English (free Hindi pack).
Plan Presentation And Bliss Plan
Specific plan presentation (With choice of multiple cover pages)
Endowment special
Human life value
KEYMAN Insurance Information (Presentation and Questionnaire)
L.I.C. V/S Market Investments (Fixed deposit, Recurring deposit & other investments)
Money back special
Multi companies comparison
Multi-plan presentation
Partnership insurance
Budgeting (Premium wise/ sum assured wise)
Product return spreadsheet
Bliss plans (Child care, personal pension plan I/II/III/IV, Secure invest, secure family, Tax saver)
Life events planner (Education/property/marriage/retirement planner, crorepati calculator)
Advance premium calculation
Back-dating interest calculation
Club membership eligibility calculator
Death claim calculation
Joint age calculation
Late-fee calculation
Revival calculation
Loan value calculation
Maturity calculation
Attractive and well laid report formats
Marketing presentation supplemented with colorful charts
Save quotation option now available in plan presentation
Report export facility in various useful formats
Background printing facility
Choice of different letterheads
Automatic premium, bonus, paid-up value, surrender value, loan value, revival value, late fee, personal account
Auto update of F.U.P
Secretarial function- Notepad, calculator, calendar, internet browser
All report can be viewed on screen and printed on printer
Multiple agencies supported
In built data maintenance facility for back-up & restoration of your data with data integration checks to ensure maximum safety of your data.
High range of security/ password protection
On line context specific help to assist you instantly while working
Created by a team of expert programmers using the latest software tools & with feedback of over 2000 professional agents.
Optimized for best performance on Pentium PC.
Target Segment
All LIC Agents
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Tool for any Mutual Fund Financial Consultant/Wealth Manager...
Necessary asset for all LIC Agents. Plan Presentations, commission ledger, maturity value quotation, income tax calculator…
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