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Hospital Administration
Stock Management- This module caters to the needs of a full-fledged inventory management system. It enables users to generate purchase requisitions, receive quotations, make recommendations, generate purchase orders, and much more. It allows queries to track stock balances, items below the safety stock, items with due expiry date, excess stock of items. It keeps all details of suppliers and their supplies.
Personal Diary- features such as Daily Reminders, Appointment Diary and Address Book with advance search make it utilitarian and flexible tool for doctors.
Anesthetist Details- it is sometimes indispensable to keep a track of the medication that patient is undergoing. Thus this section allows one to keep track of the anesthetist that the patient has been given, before an operation.
Wards-The wards module takes care of in-patient discharge, transfer and housekeeping. It deals with the maintenance of the wards, inter- and intra-ward transfers, temporary discharge slip generation, and preparation of discharge slip.
Summary. It also gives complete information about the use of beds in the hospital to carry out its smooth and efficient working.
Complaints Details- unhappy patients and staff have the facility to record any complaints against an individual or group of individuals.
Equipment maintenance-This module facilitates keeping track of the life saving as well as the other state-of-the-art technical equipment that are available in a hospital. It facilitates job order/breakdown processing, preventive maintenance and general operations thereby keeping the high-cost equipment in good condition. The annual maintenance contracts of equipment can be managed through this module.
Stock /Inventory
This module will provide you the following MASTER FORMS (INPUTS) :
Item/Material Details with their opening stock.
Supplier Details
At the time of Purchasing & Issuing medicines this module will provide you :
Purchase Voucher
Issue Voucher
Financial Accounts
Multi Unit / Company Financial Accounting can be done on a :
Narration level
A General Ledger can be obtained for any transaction that has been made in the past or Present.                
The facility to zoom in from any statement to ledger details and individual
Transactions, and make correction, are its entrancing utilities.
A module called Query Builder is equipped with advance search that allows retrieval of information in a vivid and concerted manner.
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