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>>  Configuration Management
Management of customer software release upgrades and updates, as well as maintaining a reference list with required software/hardware levels and parameters as agreed with customer.
Project Planning:
During a kick-off and consequent planning meetings with the customer following topics are agreed:
Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
Technical scope
Processes and documentation
Share of responsibilities
Scope definition and test case planning:
In this phase the test case list together with required tools and test equipment, test configuration and other prerequisites will be defined.  Prior to start of the testing activities all involved parties will review the processes, test cases, and schedule, and explicitly agree and commit to the test plan.
Test Execution and reporting:
The test is coordinated effort of the customer and MARG, in order to complete the tests, identify problems, and propose solutions for them. Test execution of the test cases is done at the MARG’s testing center. Results for every test case are agreed between the parties as successful, not successful, failed or blocked in accordance to rules and recommendations. Possible faults will be reported through the fault report procedure. If a solution is available, re-testing will take place to complete the testing session. If compatibility problems are found, they will be addressed to a technical workgroup composed of R&D experts, specification experts and testers. After the test plan is executed, a final verification test report with an action plan and recommendations will be prepared summarizing the test results and identified faults.
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